"What is Hyperactivity? An In-Depth Look at Causes, Symptoms, and Management"

What is Hyperactivity?

"Hyperactivity is excessive movement, impulsiveness, and difficulty focusing, affecting all ages."

Causes of Hyperactivity

"Hyperactivity can stem from genetics, brain chemistry, environment, and diet."

Symptoms of Hyperactivity

"Symptoms: restlessness, poor focus, impulsiveness, excessive talking, fidgeting."

Hyperactivity in Children

"Kids with hyperactivity struggle to sit, follow instructions, or play quietly at school."

"Hyperactive adults face work and relationship challenges, showing disorganization and impulsiveness."

Diagnosing Hyperactivity

"Diagnosis involves evaluations, assessments, and sometimes neuroimaging."

Managing Hyperactivity

"Management includes medication, therapy, lifestyle changes, and educational support."

Tips for Managing Hyperactivity at Home

"Use routines, exercise, a healthy diet, and structure to manage hyperactivity at home."

Myths and Facts About Hyperactivity

Myth:  Hyperactivity is bad behavior.  Fact: It's a medical condition.

Seeking Professional Help

"Suspect hyperactivity? Seek professional diagnosis and treatment."

"With support, individuals with hyperactivity can lead successful lives."