Discover the viral sensation that everyone is talking about!

Tripti Dimri, known for her role in "Bulbbul," is back with a bang in the music world.

"Jaanam" is a bold and captivating song that showcases Tripti's versatile talents.

The video showcases stunning visuals, powerful choreography, and Tripti's mesmerizing performance.

"Jaanam" quickly garnered millions of views and rave reviews.

Fans and celebrities praised Tripti's bold move on social media.

Get a glimpse of the making of "Jaanam" and the creative process behind the music video.

Tripti shares her excitement and gratitude for the overwhelming response to "Jaanam."

The song's lyrics convey a powerful message about love and self-expression.

Hear what fans have to say about "Jaanam" and Tripti's bold new avatar.

Find out what projects Tripti has lined up next and how she's planning to top this viral hit.

Stay tuned for updates on Tripti and watch "Jaanam" if you haven't already!

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