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Join us on a culinary journey where humor meets haute cuisine in 'Laughter Chefs'.

What is Laughter Chefs?

Laughter Chefs" combines comedy and cooking with hilarious antics and tasty recipes

Meet the Hosts

Hosted by Bharti Singh and Harpal Singh Sokhi, who add comedy and culinary expertise.

The Concept

A show where cooking meets comedy, making the kitchen a place of laughter and fun.

Special Guests

Featuring guest appearances by famous comedians and chefs who add their own twist to the show.

Hilarious Moments

Laugh out loud with the funniest moments and kitchen mishaps from 'Laughter Chefs'

Delicious Recipes

Learn to cook delicious and easy-to-make recipes with a side of laughter.

Behind the Scenes

Get an exclusive look at the behind-the-scenes fun and hard work that goes into making 'Laughter Chefs'

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Fans are raving about 'Laughter Chefs', sharing their favorite moments and recipes.


Catch the best highlights and unforgettable moments from the show.

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Get a sneak peek of what's coming next in 'Laughter Chefs'.

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