Best of Kangana Ranaut's Sit With Hitlist

Kangana Ranaut's fearless statements on "Sit With Hitlist" are memorable.

Kangana's boldness shines as she declared, "I don't believe in diplomacy; I say what I feel."

She confronted controversies, like her spat with Karan Johar, labeling him the "flagbearer of nepotism."

Kangana shared her Bollywood struggles, noting, "Resistance made me stronger."

She highlighted her pivotal roles in "Queen" and "Manikarnika" and their personal significance.

Kangana shared her view on Bollywood, saying, "It's tough, but stand firm."

Her interviews frequently go viral, sparking debates and eliciting mixed fan reactions.

Kangana hinted at her future projects, including her directorial ventures and acting roles.

Kangana's "Sit With Hitlist" appearances stir conversation, embodying her unapologetic boldness.

Watch Kangana Ranaut's "Sit With Hitlist" interviews for more candid and controversial moments.